Dedicated to Beloved Avatar of All Avatars Sri Sathya Sai Baba, His Blessed Creativity, which He showed through my Soul - revival of Rose of the World for Joy and Happiness of all embodiments of Love in Coming Golden Age.

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Continuation of Story about Love. About first book "After all.." it was told that it should come in the right hands, but it happened that it was read by people who were not all ready to sincere narration and accepting of female Divine Energy of Love and Light. Therefore, before reading book, please, I ask you, listen to your Heart, ask your Soul, maybe it's too early. Perhaps, later it will bring You more use and help to stand spiritually, fill yourself with Energies of pure Divine Love, New female Energies and Energy of Planet Mother of the World. Or Let God bless You to open and show within Divine nature of your Soul. Happy journey, Embodiments of Love!

Bliss of happiness
To be Loved
And Love
In Unity with God!

Message - a short extract from the book «...About Love»

Flower of Love that is One with God,

Desirable, dear to the whole World,

So long we've been waiting for you.

We worked and overcoming fear and shame of centuries,

The Rose opened in its divine service.

Hello, Embodiments of Love!

To all people walking along the path of Light and Love of all denominations belonging to the various spiritual schools and egregors this story is devoted.

The process of manifestation of the Rose of the World through my soul began in 2004. To continue the mission statement on the dignity of femininity and appearance of Rose of the World eight women were prepared in parallel from birth, one of which was to meet her. This was discovered in late 2007 from a knowledgeable person. I heard this and walked away, deciding that participating in the competition is not necessary. By the time I already knew that I was born to manifest the Divine Feminine energy and, after going through the ordeal, which are partly described in his book "After All", it seemed, I couldn't stand much suffering. The most significant of all what was happening to me in this situation was Love. Excessive innate self-sacrifice and obeying to the Creator - Sathya Sai Baba allowed Him to continue this blessed and titanic work through me.

To fulfill the mission on May 23, 2007 by the will of the Creator I has awakened in the soul of every person on Earth Feminine Divine Energy. Through tremendous superhuman efforts in the hardest conditions of life in co-creation with the Creator and the spiritual partner I has completed the task of the dignity of the Women's Origins on Earth and the Universe, including the connection of Masculine and Feminine Divine Beginings at all levels of subtle plane, which passed on earth plane in March April 2009. During this creative process I also saw the birth of the Star Child in April 10, 2008.

At the same time came the final revelation of the Rose and manifestation of Soul Flower of Spiritual Partner. Thus, the mission of Mary Magdalene and Jesus was completed, which They failed to fulfill completely in the past due to various internal and external circumstances.

These events, as later found out, were partially described in the book of Daniel Andreev "Rose of the World". But some of the events described in the book have been changed, and time frames have been reduced. It also happened because many actions that the Creator gave me, took place at the time of annular solar eclipse, with the participation in the overall process of Lightworkers.

As a result of the harmonious spiritual connection of spiritual halves here on Earth, the potential of Light and Love increases several times. The aim of bonds, primarily, is serving the Creator, as well as a greater manifestation of Joy and Love in co-creation of such Unions. It also contributes to greater transformation of negativity in the world and smoother transition into the Golden Age without hazards. Along with Spiritual Partner and the Creator I distributed several times the Rose and Love Crystall to all the people of Earth. Everybody can express their intention to Its disclose.

In moments of despair and powerlessness I felt strong support through love and a bright light coming from the Sathya Sai Baba. I immediately restored, deeply aware that he was there, inside me, with me, and that everything is by His will - the will of the Creator. All the pain dissolved, appeared even more power, peace, and my Love to all that is in Him and through Him became even greater. And for me this unconditional Love has become more profound knowledge of true happiness here on Earth. Through hardship and suffering display of facets of my soul were going on, strengthening the power of the spirit in Creativity for the establishment of a New Space Women - Prem Shakti - here and now.

Prema - sublime, reverent, pure, selfless overhelming love to God and all His manifestations.

Shakti - the Divine Power, Women's Person of the One God.

It's a very subtle, all-pervading energy that materializes and discloses people's minds, thus allowing a secret and destructive reach the surface, helping to harmonize them.

Connection of Prem Shakti brings a new energy, opens up entirely new opportunities and provides complete attitude in relationships of Male and Female in every man of Golden Age. New Women Energy lets to harmonize the underlying distorted processes in all areas of human life: family, economics, politics, medicine, science, education and many others.

Manifestation of Love of Open Heart - is the main goal of all spiritual practices.

All these years, I also participated knowingly in many of the processes proposed on the esoteric websites, enjoying the unity of creation.

Continuation of Creativity was acception of the emerald New Female Energies in January-March 2010 in Ukraine. And in December 2010 in India, Puttaparthi, there was a connection of Hearts with the Planet Mother of the World, and from first days of January 2011 Her lilac energy manifested in me.

Also the Energy of Mother of World was activated in human DNA, It happened to merge and harmonize with the Divine Male Energy. At the same time it gradually joined the union of spiritual and earthly partnership, wildlife, vegetation, water bodies, prophecies, predictions, all religions, religious schools and teachings, all spheres of human activity in the world, the center of the planet, at all times and all embodiments. The same actions committed by the transfer and activation of New Women's Energies of emerald color.

All these processes of the Divine Project more deep and wide are spreading now on Earth for all people, contributing to a harmonious transition into the Golden Age.

I sincerely thank all the participants of the overall process, those who FAVOR and those who are AGAINST. Each of us in this dual process, choosing the place, gets one's necessary knowledge and strength of spirit, expanding own capabilities in Creativity.

No matter who we are and what we do, for me it was always important, how I behave to people and own Teachers. Time of judgments is over, each of us contributes to the history of humanity and the Earth.

Relationship with the Lord could be realized by everyone who has mastered the following three main instruments: (1) mind spotless of affection and hatred, (2) speech, clean of lie, and (3) body, unsullied by violence. At each stage, use discernment and keep your tools clean. Take what is true and reject the rest. You won't avoid grief, if you have worldly desires. Joy and peace are not in the objects of the outside world. They are within you. Strive to experience the love that is the very Divinity. (Sathya Sai Baba. Thoughts of the day. 21.01.2010)

In January 2005, at night, I was awakened feeling Love of the Creator, I saw in front of me a luminous living matrix - Crystal of delicate orange-peach color. The matrix consisted of two elements: a long rectangular crystal, which was surrounded at the base by a ring - in other words, the Lingam or Male in Female. Within this structure small particles moved, and it revolved - extraordinarily beautiful and amazing at first glance. I looked wide-eyed, not supposing and realizing what is that miracle and what will follow. Then I heard: "Take this in soul."

The whole structure is given to Humanity for the harmonization of Male and Female Beginings and called Crystal of Love.

Later, there were first images with Crystal appeared.

February 7, 2008 on the day of Solar eclipse in the historically famous place Arkaim, while serving, in the sky were two of the Sun.

Here Love - the Feminine seceded from a sphere of the Creator, and enveloped, filled the second little Sun. First, a large sun - is the diversity of the divine incarnation of Satya Sai Baba. Thus, there was a manifestation of the Galactic harmonizing Male and Female Beginings.

All this I also saw in the photographs in summer of 2008 in Ukraine.

In mid-November 2008 the Rose revealed.

Love Crystal took a different form. Near are two manifestations of the Soul: one - in the shape of the leaf, the other - in the form of green and turquoise sphere.

In March 2009, the Rose fully opened.

On March 21, 2009 I saw my Soul started to multiply indefinitely in many of the same green and turquoise souls. It also was a part in process of transfer and activation of Rose in other people's souls of Planet.

After the blessing by Sathya Sai Baba, on November 25, 2007 in the Ashram of my declaration of acceptance of the role of the Women's Beginning, having passed certain tests, I climbed to yet another rung of the hierarchy. I saw in the subtle plane that I carried Earth within. That's why I feel so much pain of Soul physically and sufferings of the whole Planet. And then, on April 10, 2008 there was a birth of the Star Child. Then I understood that it was in need to become the earth chaneller for the manifestation of the Rose, Crystal, New Energies for all people.

Then consistently revealed other forms and spheres of diversity of my Soul with different levels of Being.

Later then I was sent a link to the website where a photograph of Rose in Space was published, made in 2004 ( According to them, this place is the newly formed cluster of 130 stars, at a distance of 3300 light-years away in the constellation Cepheus. Thus, the work of centuries, of all Lightworkers had already been expressed in the Universe.

Soul - leaf in conjunction with a Crystal of Love and Sphere of Soul of green-turquoise reproduces the Rose.

Along with these manifestations a sphere of the Soul of Spiritual Partner appeared beside. It is rainbow in the left corner of the picture.

Immediately after the Rose in spring of 2009 the trinity manifested. In the pictures it looks like three semi-transparent spheres around the Sun, one into another.

I learned about manifested trinity from Sathya Sai Baba in March 8, 2010.

After some time I saw His trinity: three rainbow spheres, one into another.

In early March 2010, New Energies were fully activated in Ukraine, which I drove by the Will of the Creator to Egypt.

New Energies in Egypt near the Sphinx:

New Energies in Ukraine in 2010:

Spring - Summer 2010

In early October 2010 the Rose walked a honorary circle around the Sun.

Birthday of Sathya Sai Baba - the 85th anniversary of 11/23/10, the

Near the Moon on one side the Rose is manifested, on other side - Soul Flower of Spiritual Partner, which is by now the second already manifested Sun.

In December 2010, there was a conscious connection of Spiritual Hearts - of Planet of Mother of the World and my. Here are displayed manifested mother energies of lilac color of Planet of Mother of the World, coming out of the triangle - Feminine Divine Begining. Spring-Summer 2011.

New emerald Women's Energies and purple Energies of Planet of Mother of the World. Spring 2011. Still from the movie.

Great thanks to Beloved Creator, all the Supreme Masters, all who involved in the creative process of Ascension. My low bow for Courage and Love.

With Love.

P.S. The Role of Spiritual partner before appearing Logos of Christ and Flower of Soul was performed by Avatar of all Avatars - Sathya Sai Baba. I knew about that in late 2012. As Male Beginning in present time was too dominative, later the role of Spiritual partner He took on Himself.

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